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The  intelligent persona who spreads user knowledge

Build personas from all of your user research

Ask your personas get instantly the info you need

Increase Alignment of Stakeholders

Bring data driven insights like user behaviors, preferences, and needs into your personas and keep everything in sync.

Reduce the time it takes to find, read and share user insights among your organization.

Rely on the accuracy and reliability of the answers provided. We've fine-tuned our algorithms to ensure all answers only come from your user insights

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Revolutionizing user personas: Meet Personai


Connect team members organization-wide to spread user knowledge 


Your user research.

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The static nature of traditional personas led to a simple yet powerful idea: personas should be dynamic, just like the people they represent. They should evolve in real-time, reflecting the ever-changing nature of user preferences and behaviors. This idea sparked the creation of Personai.


Founder of Personai

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Tailor campaigns and messages to specific audience segments.

Product development

Understand user needs and preferences, guiding product features and improvements.


Tailor sales pitches and approaches based on the needs and motivations of potential customers.

UX/UI Design

Create user interfaces that align with the preferences and behaviors of target users.

Content creation

Produce content that resonates with the target audience and addresses their pain points.

Human resources

Understand the needs and preferences of employees, especially in areas like training and development.

User research quickly leads to data spread across different locations and research repositories often fail at democratizing insights. Personai was born to address these pressing issues and to reshape the game:

Keep sensitive data secured

User research data can contain sensitive personal information about participants. We make sure that this information is handled carefully, transparently and responsibly when you use Personai. 

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Trust answers provided by your personas

Personai bridges the gap between diverse perspectives, creating a shared understanding of the users you serve among marketing, development, and design teams

Transform gaps in user insights into actionable tasks.

No question left behind—when your team poses queries without answers, your persona automatically converts them into actionable tasks. Elevate your user research to new heights